Gender Reveal Party

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May 30th, 2012 Blog · Life

*This post has been a long time coming. Has been in my “draft” folder for far too long so I thought I’d share it will you even though it was from nearly a year ago…

I knew shortly after finding out we were pregnant that I wanted to do a Gender Reveal Party. Not only was it a fun way to announce the exciting news with family and friends, it answered the question: Who do I call first?  The night before I hardly got any sleep. I was over the top with excitement, couldn’t wait to find out the next morning if this sweet little in my belly was going to play with dollies or G.I. Joe’s. I made the ultrasound appointment for the first of the day, weeks prior. I was up early, ready to go far before it was time. Surprisingly, we didn’t have to wait long for the tech to call my name in the waiting room. All I wanted to do was get back to that dimly lit room and see my little peanut on the screen. The monthly routine of getting on the scale, blood pressure checks and the lovely pee in a cup deal seemed to take much longer that day than normal. But, I soon found myself laying on that uncomfortable table covered in paper with chilly gel on my tummy and the little peanut on the screen bouncing, kicking and waving. At the 20 week ultrasound you not only find out the sex of the baby but they also make sure measurements are in line and organs are doing what they need to be doing. All was checking out great with the little one and even though it was reassuring and heart warming for a mama to see all of those things, to be honest at that moment all I wanted to know was the sex of our little peanut.

It was time. The tech asked if we were ready and before we finished the question, I eagerly answered. With her sweet british accent, she said it. My heart immediately grew larger for this little one I had yet to meet. We were ecstatic and eager to meet our sweet pea now more than ever before. And the thought of having to wait 20 more weeks were pure torture.

I told my family and friends no calls, only text’s between the morning appointment and the party that night. I knew I would slip, my sister would definitely get it out of me or I would squeal with excitement with my mom.  Texts went out to let people know the little pea cooperated and the sex was determined, the party was on.

That day I had a few errands to run for that night that I couldn’t take care of until after the appointment. Just about every cashier I encountered was informed of the exciting news. Even though we didn’t know each other from Adam, I shared the news with the same excitement I’d have with a long time friend. Whether they thought I was crazy or not, they were excited with me all the same and I walked to my car with a giant smile.

With this party being completely unnecessary, but oh so much fun. I am happy to say that the costs were minimal. I had quite a few things already, only bought a few.

To announce the big news I made cupcakes,  with candy melts on the inside of them. Either pink or blue, depending on the sex. Topped with vanilla icing that hid the exciting news well. The cupcakes were decorated with pink bows and blue mustaches.

The table setting.

Everyone was asked to wear pink or blue depending on what they thought the little one was.

Throughout the night we played games, pink team against blue team. It was a ball!

Between games, family and friends enjoyed each others company and begged for the results! But, the news wasn’t going to come until the end of the night!

*Side note, at the time our girl name was Lillie and boy name was Parker. Hence the “Team Lillie and Team Parker” t-shirts that were hand made. Little did we know that we would be changing the name.

On to the results. We had everyone gather in the dinning room and they were each given a cupcake. Surprisingly, everyone was well behaved and didn’t peek until it was time. Ryan and I stood up on a chair so we could see everyones reactions. They were PRICELESS! We videoed the exciting news as well as took a few pictures of the reactions.

If you couldn’t tell the results by the last picture…It’s a GIRL! We were over the top with excitement and shared the first outfit we bought for the little one after our appointment that morning.

Let the nursery planning begin!


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